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the bonus track project

Bonus Track is a venture that mobilises our three passions of creating original music, collaborating with others, and making a difference, all at once. In it, we produce, record, mix, and master one song for an artist, free of charge. In exchange, the artist donates 100% of the sales of the song to a charity of their choice. 

Forces & Fury seek to inspire people to use their creativity in unconventional and important ways. We want to cultivate positive change through music, and prioritise originality and self-expression over conforming to industry models. Bonus Track is our legacy in the making.


Bonus Track enables artists to use their talents in a way that directly impacts a cause they care about. It gives them the opportunity to collaborate with seasoned musicians and producers without bearing any financial obligation. Artists also take away a world-class recording of their original song that they can promote their music with.

Forces & Fury are honoured to work with big-hearted artists who choose to make music for reasons bigger than themselves. If this sounds like you, please get in touch.


Bonus Track gives charities an alternate voice with which to deliver their message and helps them to reach demographics that they may usually have difficulty reaching.

Forces & Fury admire the work that charities do. We want to support and contribute to their mission in the best way we know how. If you'd like to team up, please get in touch.


'Days Gone By' by Bonney Read for Joomajam